I injured my elbow at Cheer today. It hurts a lot!!

He said

After spending the night last night at the trailer with Danielle & Emelia who had been there since Friday night, we hustled back to town earlier today as Emelia had Cheer practice at 1:30pm. Danielle dropped Emelia off and I went to the house and unloaded the truck. Having not yet had my daily rip on the bike, I got out on the Thames Valley Parkway to do a bit of a longer ride as Emelia would be at Cheer for two hours. So, I had decided to do the longer, 30 km loop out to Byron and back through the city.

About three-quarters of the way into my ride, I got a phone call from Danielle. As it turned out, Emelia had hurt her elbow at practice and her coach was asking us to come get her as it was quite bad. She was headed there to pick her up, get her home to get some aspirin and then to the hospital. As I was on my way back to the house, I just finished the ride, in order to meet them back at the house. As I pulled in the driveway and unlocked the door, they were pulling in the driveway, and I could see how much pain she was in. I got her the sling I had from when I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder, and we got her some relief with the sling, and off they were to the hospital.

As I type this, it is 6:00pm and they’ve been at the hospital for 3 hours and are still there. They’ve had x-rays and are still waiting to see a doctor. I am sure by the time Danielle shares her week, we will have an update. The synopsis of what we heard from her coach was they were stunting and she had a fall and hyper extended her elbow. She was in a lot of pain which is why we took her to Emerg, and we’re hopeful that is all that happened, but more to come for sure.

The other thing this week was Tuesday and my official crossover to 50. As a surprise to Danielle and Emelia, I had decided a month ago that on the morning of my birthday I would commemorate the day by shaving off my beard. Not because they wanted it gone, but just because I wanted to see how much younger I might look. Not sure how I feel about it—both Emelia & Danielle don’t have much feelings about either version of my face. But, for now, I am going to give this look a bit of a run, since it was the better part of two and a half years with the hairy-faced version of me. We’ll see… I may get tired of shaving like I did when I started growing it.

But, the very big thing this week was Tuesday and Emelia’s foray into High School (!). She had all sorts of anxiousness about it leading up to the day but when Tuesday morning rolled around she and her two besties since JK (Anna & Grace), walked off into Lucas to begin that journey. And by all counts the day was a huge success. While there was for sure some anxious moments for her tummy, overall she said it was really good and she was happy with how her first day went. And they even mastered getting home on London Transit. We were delighted it went so well and proud of her for taking this big step, on her own!

She said

This was a big week in Emelia’s life. Emelia started high school on Tuesday and is absolutely loving it. She is making new friends and is so happy to be back in school again. Emelia and the twins were nervous heading into their first day but all came home happy with how things are going. Emelia has already found a great groove, she comes home and takes on her homework every night with no complaints. We are so proud of her, it has been such a big adjustment and she’s taking it on like a champ.

After spending the weekend at the trailer we headed home early to get Emelia back for training. Emelia was so excited to be back at training. I dropped her off and sadly less than ½ hour later I got a call from Emelia’s coach saying Emelia was hurt. She had went into a tumbling line wrong and landed on her wrist popping her elbow. She was in a lot of pain so we were off to the hospital. We got through triage quickly and then x-ray and then the waiting really started. Emelia was a trooper through it all, we ended up being there for almost 4 hours but in the end she thankfully didn’t have a break or dislocation. She badly hyper-extended her elbow and is off training for at least a week and needs to wear a sling for a bit.

So we are home now watching some tv together letting her rest and hopefully she feels better tomorrow.

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