We’re live! From the trailer!

At first I was disappointed that I didn’t advance to the next level team at cheer but now I am so excited for our season and get to be on the same team as Olivia again! I can’t wait!

He Said

For the first time this year, the post is coming to you live, from the trailer! I am sitting on the patio as I compose, having a wonderful ice-cold beer after a day that saw me rack up 54 km on the G2G Rail Trail in the 3 different rides. But, more on that later… We’re here, on night number two of a glorious week off together – the first of it’s kind this trailer season. But the best part is, this is Danielle’s first week of paid vacation in thirteen years! Danielle & Emelia arrived earlier in the day yesterday, and I shot out of a gun the second I was done work, and made my way here too.

Even though the day here yesterday was fraught with rain for most of the day, we managed to find something fun to do. With two former competitive gymnasts (Emelia & Olivia) in our midst, and a former competitive gymnast and judge (Stephanie) too, there was only one thing we were going to be doing last night: watching the Olympics. One of the best gymnasts of all time, Simone Biles was competing and the girls wanted to watch. And while she competed way later than we could manage, we did see a good chunk of the competition from the dry confines of our trailer.

Today, unintentionally I racked up some serious distance on the G2G Trail. It started with my usual rip of 20 km from the trailer to Blyth and back. But after I got back, Emelia & Danielle suggested they wanted to got for a ride too, and they didn’t have to ask me twice. We added Stephanie & Justin to the mix and drove in to Blyth and tried the trail on the other side of town for 10 km out and back. We got in that ride and when we go back to the truck I decided I still had some gas in the tank so after we got the girls set up in the truck, I carried on the G2G and rode back from Blyth to the trailer, which is the second half of my usual rip. All totalled I eded the day with 54 km of bike riding done—something I am pretty proud of.

Which leads into the next big biking news. Next weekend, if all goes as planned, Justin, Stephanie & I are going to try and do the full length of the G2G Rail Trail starting in Guelph and making our way for the full fondo to the Goderich harbour. We’ll get Danielle to drive and drop us off in Guelph and then we’ll make the 7-8 hour trip back this way and have Danielle meet us in Goderich at the other end as we have some fish & chips at the Goderich Harbour Restaurant. It will be my biggest ride ever, and I am super excited to cross this one off my list!

That’s all from me, I hear the BBQ and the fire pit calling my name. And maybe the 3-5 more ice cold beers I have earned myself today!

She said

We have been counting down the days to this week for a while. Last summer with the pandemic and me having to close my daycare we spent a lot of time up at the trailer. This year with both of us balancing full time work outside the house this is sadly the only full week off this summer. So we are going to make the most of every second of this week.

What makes this week even more exciting is that we get to spend the week with the Sherwoods but we are also adding our friends Danielle, Greg and their daughter Kathleen that is the girls friend from gymnastics. The girls are so excited but so are their parents. We are so happy that we get to spend the week not only as a family but also with some amazing friends. The week is going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Leading into this week we are happy to say that Emelia gets to get back to her happy place and heading back to cheer. This year she gets to hopefully get the full experience with competitions, stunting and in person training. Emelia had done an in-person assessment the week prior and at first she was determined the only way she would be happy would be if she advanced to the next level but the more she talked to me she decided she wanted to stay put on her team so she could just enjoy the season without too much extra pressure. Well that was until the results came in, she was upset she didn’t move up at first, but again once she and I chatted she realized she got to stay with a lot of her friends and most importantly she got to stay on the same team as Olivia.

In the end she is now super happy and cannot wait to get back to training full time. On Tuesday we will bring the girls into train as a full team for the first time in over 6 months and they cannot wait.

That is all for me, going to join our friends around the fire and relax and enjoy our week together!

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