Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

I got to have my besties Anna & Grace at the trailer!

He said

First things, first: as of this post tonight, our entire household is fully vaccinated. Danielle went last week on Tuesday and with the accelerated plans, we were actually able to get Emelia in two weeks earlier than we originally booked. We’re so relieved that the entire household is fully vaccinated. Depending on what and where you read you’re fully safe once you have reach 2 weeks post your second dose, and for me that was this yesterday. So a couple weeks from tonight, our entire household will be full safe!

This week was a bit of a weird one for is with Canada Day on Thursday. Because I have a week of vacation starting tomorrow, I worked all weekend. Danielle was given the benefit of longer weekend with Friday off work going into the weekend to complement the Canada Day national holiday on Thursday. So with me working the whole weekend, Danielle quickly hatched plans with Emelia’s besties’ Mom. Wednesday when Danielle & I were done work, with the twins in tow, we made our way up to the trailer. The plan was I would come up spend the night and the next day an head back around dinner time and leave the girls to have some fun.

Thursday after I woke up, it was out onto the G2G Rail Trail to get in my daily rip in. But the best part was I got to do it in my brand new G2G Rail Trail Club jersey! It was such a great ride and I saw quite few people out enjoying the trail with a like mindset on Canada Day and seemed to get even more waves—maybe because of the jersey? We’re starting to get a little more serious about the planning for the run of the full trail from the start in Guelph and riding the 127 km all the way to Goderich and Lake Huron. We should be able to get it done in one day, but the only stumbling block is getting the 4 or 5 of us all to Guelph with our bikes and gear so that we can start the ride. I’m sure we’ll figure it out. It will be my first century ride and Gran Fondo!

This weekend while I worked I was getting amazing updates of what she and Emelia were up to. The twins were dropped off at their cottage in Ipperwash early Friday and the rest of the weekend for Danielle & Emelia was a girls weekend at the trailer. I was getting pics of them going to Goderich to catch beach sunsets. I was getting pics of them working on some craft projects, reclaiming some plastic Muskoka Chairs with a clean and fresh coat of paint. And I was hearing stories about Emelia having a great time and the smiles in the pics proved that point and then some. It was perfect for me to see!

But the best part of all that news is now I am headed into a week off work and that week, will be Emelia and I spending time together at the trailer. And by the time next weekend rolls around, Danielle will leave work and come straight to meet up with us at the trailer and then we all have a weekend together. This is going to be a fantastic week, followed by an ever better weekend!!

She said

This weekend was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even knew I did. When we found out that it was going to be just Emelia and I at the trailer for the better part of the weekend I knew we would have fun but wasn’t sure if Emelia would be bored being there with her mom and no friends to hang out with. I was able to get some time with her best friends for a few days but once Friday was here it was just the two of us.

We had an incredible weekend, a weekend I will forever cherish. Let’s be honest once your children are teenagers we know that our days our children wanting to hang out with their mom are few and far between.

Emelia and I have always been close but she is a teenager and would rather hang out with her friends these days.

I let her lead the weekend plans, we hung out, chatted, crafted and spent a ton of time together. We had great trips to see the sunset at the beach, did some shopping and grabbed some treats in Bayfield. She and I spent some time doing some fun decorating projects at the trailer. She loves doing that stuff and we had a great time repurposing some new to us patio chairs. We are so happy with how it all came together.

Thank you so much for this weekend Emelia, I hope this weekend will be one of those you remember. I love you baby girl.

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