Vaxed and relaxed!!

This week is my Grade 8 Graduation – I am so excited!

He said

In what seemed like a heartbeat, Saturday was upon us and I was sitting in a chair awaiting my second and final COVID Vaccine dose. It was hard to believe I was at this place that seemed a lifetime away four months ago in March when I got my first dose. Originally I was given July 4th as the second dose date but with vaccination rates moving along better than expected, and the dose supply ramping up in Canada, I was given the opportunity to have a sooner date and I jumped at that. I moved up, almost a full month sooner to yesterday.

I scheduled it to be right after work, so that I could beeline straight from work, get the shot and then head to the trailer to meet up with Danielle & Emelia who had headed up earlier in the day. I was a little apprehensive about the possibility of having a reaction to the shot as a lot of people we know had. As soon as I was done, I was back home to pack up and head out. I took to ultra headache relief aspirin and headed out to the trailer. In an hour’s time I was sitting by the fire with dinner and a beer. Shortly after wrapping that up I took 2 more precautionary ultra headache relief aspirin. I wasn’t expecting side effects or symptoms that quickly ‘but what the hell, let’s be in front of it, right?

After some frivolities around the campfire and maybe a few more drinks we were off to bed. I was still worried that I was going to be hit with some form of side affects or symptoms. But out went the lights and I was out for the night. I had an amazing sleep. And in the morning I still had no symptoms so off I went to have a bike ride on the G2G Rail Trail. I came back to a wonderful Father’s Day Brekkie that Danielle made me, and then we got to getting the trailer ready to pulled out with us when we left.

Wait… What??

Yes, the problem we have with the fridge in the trailer is going to be fixed under warranty. And by fixed, we mean it is going to be replaced. And the replacement fridge had arrived, so we need to take the trailer in this week to have that done. While it is a hassle to pull the trailer out as we have it quite settled, having our regular fridge back and not having to use the bar fridge we inherited from Mom & Dad as our main will be more than welcome! So that should be all taken care of this week between Monday and Wednesday and then we can get Wolfie III back up to Auburn before the weekend.

Back to the COVID Vaccine front. The other good news is that Danielle is booked for her second dose and soon we should be able to book Emelia’s dose so hopefully by early August we will be a fully vaxed family! It’s been a long, and very challenging time getting to here, but it is finally feeling like some semblance of normal may return. And not soon enough!

She said

This coming week is going to be a crazy one. With some restrictions being lifted we were able to plan some special events for Emelia and her friends who all graduate from grade 8 this year. They certainly haven’t had much of a year, barely any in person school, no celebrations, no big year end trips, no full graduations with her life long friends – nothing.

A few weeks ago the group of moms with Emelia’s closest friends from school started chatting about trying to do something special for the kids if restrictions allowed. With small outdoor gatherings allowed we are happy to say that tomorrow Emelia and her closest 6 friends are having a mini celebration together. One of the generous moms has gone all out planning something out, the other moms came together and we are happy to say the kids will get a true but small celebration.

As well this week we were happy to find out that Emelia’s school is able to do a modified in person grad, max amount of family is 5 family members and it is in 15 minute appointments. But Emelia was trilled when we found out that Anna and Grace are also booked for the same timeframe so the girls sort of graduate together.

They are so happy.

This whole week past was all about grad, Emelia, Anna and Grace did an outdoor photo session. Susan took the girls while I was at work and took a ton of photos. Seeing the photos made us so happy – the girls have been the best of friends for 10 years, been through all the ups and downs and have come out incredibly close and have each others backs no matter what. We are so thrilled that the girls have chosen the same high school as well as a bunch of Emelia’s friends from other areas of our lives. She has a great group to move on to the next chapter of her life.

This week wasn’t entirely all about Emelia and grad, we also had a special day with our favourite dad in the world. Today was about John, we did what we loved as a family – we spent it at the trailer, with friends and John got in a great ride. I want to end this weeks post to say – we love you John with all our hearts – you are always our rock, our happy place and Emelia’s soft place to land. We couldn’t ask for a better daddy and partner in life – love you always!

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