Something good had to come outta this weird year!

Only 5 sleeps until Christmas!!!

He said

As anticipated, we’re nearing a provincial lockdown. The Premier announced Friday that he was spending the weekend meeting with health officials and making a decision that will be announced at 1pm tomorrow. Slowly over the course of the day the news started leaking that as of Christmas Eve, the entire province was moving to Grey – Lockdown for 28 days to hopefully slow down the second wave impact of COVID-19. What that means for our store is still unclear and I am sure we’ll find out in the next 24 hours. But, the most important thing is that this really is a necessary step to hopefully protect the population and our healthcare system. It’s not what we want but it is what we need.

The other news this week was we got a message Tuesday from Mom that Dad was being taken to the hospital again as he was experiencing more of the same symptoms that has landed him there in the past. He was very reluctant in going with the worry of COVID but thankfully the ambulance staff and Mom were able to get him reassured enough to go. And, as suspected his long-standing battle with his water level pills (Lacix) and adjustments to his other prescriptions were yet again needing some monitoring and adjusting. He was admitted to Victoria Hospital and they have been taking good care of him. He’s much better, so much so, that he should be with his second negative COVID test in a week heading back to Oakcrossing to be back with Mom.

I am still dealing with the lingering effects of the pinched nerve in my neck. The chiropractor, physiotherapist and now, massage therapist have made some progress. I am impatient about how quickly the recovery is coming, but I do feel progress which is something I just have to accept and be more patient about. It hasn’t stopped my ability to do my daily exercise so I can’t complain. If we got to that point, I can’t imagine the mental state I’d be in. This week I saw 195 lbs on the weigh scale and that made me happy. With the addition of Apple Fitness+ as our training routine it’s really added what I needed to get through the winter months where I can’t be out on the bike paths outdoors.

Lastly, this year has been really different for sure, but I am amazed at how well Emelia is coping through the challenge. Especially at this time of year when restrictions keep creeping back in. I know I have said this the last few posts, but I really am looking forward to Christmas this year because it will mean really slowing down and spending time with just Danielle and Emelia. There won’t be running around and going places. We will be taking it super easy and just enjoying each other’s company. Sure, we will use the opportunity to connect with the family over FaceTime, but for the most part it will be back to the basics, and I am really enchanted with this outcome of the pandemic… I mean something good had to come outta this weird year!

She said

This week has been a real rollercoaster ride. The rising COVID numbers are really scary and we all knew that more restrictions were coming but it is hard no matter how necessary it is. I honestly don’t envy anyone in government, there is no easy way out of this hot mess, restrictions are necessary but the impact of people’s lives is going to be severe. So many small businesses are suffering, so many people are barely holding on financially and add in the isolation of the holidays. It has been a hard year and it seems like it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

The one shining light in all this COVID negative news is that there are vaccines that are starting to be rolled out, which means hopefully the most at risk as well as the medical front line staff will have the vaccines and the hope that it will reach everyone by the summer. There is hope but it’s been a hard one for sure. I know this lockdown is going to be even harder, the weather isn’t going to be great, we won’t have the escape of the trailer and being outside to keep our sanity in place.

We are trying to stay positive, trying to move into the festive spirit. This week I finished the last of our Christmas ‘to do’ list and today I wrapped all the presents. We are just about there. As much as this year won’t be the same we are hoping to make the most of the downtime, what the next few weeks will look like we aren’t really sure, but we will do what we can to help Emelia through all this confusion, the changes in school, sports, her life and well everything. We hope that even through all this strangeness this is a great Christmas for Emelia and we know that it won’t be one she will eve forget.

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