Looking forward to more camping!

My school is closed this week because of a support workers strike and I already have a job lined up!

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The main ‘excitement‘ this week was the cold that was working it’s way through our household. Back to school season is always great re-introduction to even more germs in our lives. Given that I also work in retail and that Danielle has a daycare in our house, we’re pretty much exposed to every single cold in rotation. What’s funny is, you’d think we’d be sick all the time, but I think that we’ve built some super immunity to it all as I am lucky if I get one cold a year, and it’s been at least a couple of years since I have had to call out sick at work.

Added that when I do catch something, strangely though no complaints from me, I runs it’s course through me usually in about two days. Whereas Danielle and Emelia get the Director’s Extended Cut Edition in comparison to me. All this is to say that a couple of weeks ago, Danielle started coming down with the cold, and then it got it’s hooks into Emelia too. Emelia had a much shorter version of it, but Danielle has been battling it over a week and is just now, finally feeling back to normal. Tuesday evening this week I went to bed with the sore throat and the aches. By Wednesday proper I was really feeling it in the sinuses and having loads of fun with the coughing fits.

The next 24 hours weren’t the most fun but by Thursday, I was already feeling like I was on the other side. But, instead of going to see the Thrush Hermit concert I had tickets for, we opted to stay home that evening and get to bed early. I was bummed to miss this one of a kind show, but it would not have helped me feel any better going out to a bar and staying up late. The ace up my sleeve was that I had Friday morning hockey and no matter how bad I feel, an hour of skating in a cold rink has always cleared me out and helped me feel better. And such was the case this week too. By the time I was done hockey, I was feeling a ton better!

This week we will getting ready to camping this weekend for Thanksgiving with friends! We’re hopeful this will be the second last trip of the season as we’re still scheming to go out one last time to The Pinery in November. I am excited about this trip as last year with all that was going on in our lives, we decided to skip on Thanksgiving camping and our season ended much earlier than we had envisioned. I love camping when it’s cool during the days and campfires go pretty much all day long. And the good news is our friends Leanne & Chris have a ton of their season’s worth of wood to burn off! I am looking forward to crisp cool weather and making all of my fires smell like camp fire!

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There isn’t a whole lot to talk about this week. As John mentioned this week was more about getting through our day to veg on the couch when we could. Our week was still full and busy but when we could take it easy we did. Thankfully Emelia only got hit with the cold for a day and a half last week so she was back on track this week.

This week was more about surviving and planning. The big planning was getting ready for the upcoming strike that is keeping the kids out of school. There is a provincial wide strike of the CUPE workers who work in the school system. This covers 55,000 workers who are range from admin support staff, maintenance workers, educational assistance and special need workers. It is a huge strike and is keeping most kids home from grade school and high school across the province. We are in full support of the workers, hopefully the strike is short lived and the staff can get what they deserve and the kids can get back to school.

What this means is that Emelia will be home with me during the day until the strike ends. She will be a busy girl as she has been hired as a babysitter for one of my clients who have three school aged for help in the day while they balance work and the care of their kids. So she will be helping out a couple hours a day, keeping busy and earning some extra spending money.

The rest of this week will be about prepping for the coming weekend, we are away for a 3 night/4 day camping trip with friends. We are SOOOO excited for this weekend. We are trying to savour every camping moment before we have to winterize the trailer. The season has been amazing, we always wish we could have been out even more but had some incredible trips this year. We are hoping to get out even more next year, even earlier and later in the season.

That’s it for this week, the countdown is already on for next weekend.

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