A week from tonight!

I landed my aerial at Acro this week! My coach was so proud of me.

He said

After getting a bit of snow last weekend, through the night Tuesday after we went to bed we got pounded with a winter snow storm and woke Wednesday morning to a foot of freshly fallen snow. This was not great news as I had procrastinated too long about getting the snowblower out of the back end of the shed. So, at 6am, I was up hand shovelling the driveway for an hour and a half so that I could get to work for 8am. And so the daycare families could get in. Thursday evening as soon as I got home from work, and not wanting to get caught ill prepared again, I dove into the nether recesses of the shed and got the snowblower out and ready for us to take on winter.

Wednesday night I was able to make it with Danielle to Emelia’s Acro Holiday Showcase where the kids got to show off all that they have learned. Emelia having just joined four weeks ago, was worried having to show off what she knew in front of other parents. Her four years of gymnastics – two of them competitively – have really given her a fast-forward in the world of Acro Dance. She’s comfortable, fearless and willing to try new things which just delights both Danielle and I to no end. And of all the girls in her class who have been doing this, Emelia has folded right in and you wouldn’t know she only started less than a month ago. And the rose-coloured glasses we see her through aside, I was totally blown away by what she has learned in the time since she’s started.

With us being full bore in holiday season at the mall, again a lot of my week was mostly focused on being at work. We’ve been super busy at the store and it’s such an exciting time to be working in retail when you see people braving the weather, the packed parking lots and their shopping-weary counterparts, in order to get that special someone in their lives something special. It’s the time of year, in the realm that I call work now that truly recharges me about the human condition and the journey we’re all on.

Saturday, having to work the close meant I had to miss Emelia’s Holiday Showcase for her Jazz Dance class, but through the magic of the devices in our hands and faces, I was able to see pics from Danielle and hear about how well she did again. We’re so proud of Emelia despite the 5 days a week we (mostly Danielle) spend shuttling her to and from her activities mostly because she has forced herself out of her comfort zone and has become someone who is a joiner rather than someone who sits on the sidelines and misses out for fear of trying.

Today, fortunately was – after 6 straight days of work – my day off. Falling on a Sunday, it meant, I got to participate in the usual family rituals like groceries and getting Emelia to gymnastics. But, it also meant last night when I got home after closing the store, Danielle and I could stay up a little later and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine together knowing that we could sleep in a bit today. And after gymnastics and groceries were out of the way, the rest of the day was dealer’s choice. Emelia got time to toboggan with her friends, I got time to laze around, and Danielle got to not have to worry about tending to 5 kids… but just 2 (me and Emelia). It was the perfect low-key way to end what was otherwise quite a busy week. Especially considering we’re a week away from that fat man’s visit. This time, next week, we’ll be amongst almost all that really matters to us. And that’s the perfect forecast.

She said

This week has been madness to say the least. There was something going on every single day this week. Add in the stormy weather and mounds of snow it has made this week a bit of a gong show. Monday we had Emelia’s tutoring and that night wasn’t too busy otherwise. We got a few things done that evening and started preparing for the pending snow storm.

We had pulled the shovels out to the front of the house to be ready but didn’t have time to take care of getting the snowblower out. As Tuesday afternoon arrived the weather started to turn and the snow started. Emelia was off to training for gymnastics so I took to clearing the driveway to try and keep ahead of the weather. By the time I got home from Emelia’s training the weather had really started to turn and the snow was coming down. As the night went on the snow got heavier and though out the night we got hit pretty hard. John set his alarm earlier than normal on Wednesday and dealt with the buried driveway before heading to work.

As Wednesday progressed I was hit finally with the holiday fatigue and was certain I was going to be hit hard with a virus. I couldn’t eat and felt horrible all day. I willed my body to make it through the day and even managed to get to Emelia’s acro dance performance. And man I am glad I pushed myself though to go, I am blown away with her progress in this class. The teacher for her class is AMAZING, so hands on, giving constant technique feedback and in short order (only 4 classes) she has picked up and even exceeded most of the other kids in the class in her skills. The big highlight for her and us was her landing her aerial, she was assisted a few times by her coach and then she took it on by herself and nailed it! Her coach screamed in delight and all the parents were so excited. The look of pure happiness on her face made every sacrifice to get her to class each week worth it!

Thursday was another holiday celebration for Emelia. This time we shifted to the school. Emelia has joined the choir every year at school and the highlight every year is their holiday concert. Emelia loves to sing with her friends and as painful as some of the performances can be to sit through it is always amazing to see how happy the kids are to perform for their parents. Emelia’s choir sounded amazing and they did some really sweet songs, the cutest was 7 feet of snow which had actions added in to their performance. Lots of fun for sure.

The weekend was finally upon us but it wasn’t a but that didn’t slow things down. Emelia had her normal gymnastics training on Friday and Sunday but Friday I took full advantage and got all the Christmas wrapping done, it took me most of the 3 plus hours Emelia was in training to get it all done. I was able to get 95% of everything done and organized which made things for the upcoming week a lot less stressful. As the holiday gets closer the to do list never seems to end, there is always last minute potlucks, secret Santa gifts, things you forgot. Even though years ago we scaled way back on our holiday obligations it never seems to end. But we are in great shape, I managed to get the last minute secret Santa gifts organized this week as well. This should leave only a few things to be done this coming week.

The big highlight for Emelia coming into the weekend was her Saturday jazz class performance. We only joined this class a few weeks ago and Emelia missed last week so the fact that she nailed all the dance moves and did amazing. I just loved seeing her in her new element. It did help that one of her close friends from school is in her class and the girls just love having the this time together. As soon as we got home she of course wanted to find some friends to play with. As luck would have it her friend Olivia was free so we headed to their place to spend the afternoon and evening together. The girls were off being well girls and Stephanie and I caught up over a glass of wine. The day flew by and before we knew it it was well past dinner and time to say goodnight.

Today was another busy day, early gymnastics, errands and finally when we got home a full fun afternoon/evening of Canadian kid fun! All weekend we had been trying to co-ordinate with her besties from school. The perfect storm happened and both Anna and Grace as well as Marin and Gracyn were available so we all headed to the local tobogganing hill and spent a few hours going up and down the hill. There were lots of laughs. We finally got home and warmed up to a bowl of homemade chilli and are settling in for the night.

Next week should prove to be almost as busy and with only a week to the big day there are still a few things to wrap up to get ready for the holidays. The countdown is on for sure!

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