Wolfie Too meet Wolfe Island!

We got our new truck this week and brought Wolfie Too to Wolfe Island!

He said

Last week was an absolute whirlwind that was focused around Wednesday night and picking up the new truck. Tuesday I was down to our store at Conestoga to support the team there, and then Wednesday the focus was on picking up our new truck right after work. As soon as I was home from work, it was right into get ready to pick up the truck mode. Because as soon as we were done that, it was off with the new truck to pick up the trailer from storage so that we could get it ready for the big trip this week.

Getting the truck was relatively painless and quick and then we were off to get Wolfie Too out of storage. Once we had her, and got back home we were immediately aware that the our driveway did not fit everything in our lives they way it once did. With the truck, Mini and trailer we had taken up every square inch of the driveway. It was clear that putting Wolfie Too into year-round storage was the right decision.

We really didn't get much time to explore the new truck as it we flipped immediately into planning, packing, and putting into gear everything we needed for our week away. The first real time we got to experience the truck is with the new trailer latched and us headed out on the 401, on our five hour commute to Wolfe Island. What a great way to give it the most pressing test and we're so delighted with how it held up. Emelia loved the back seat telling us how much more comfortable it is. And, we were totally blown away at how great it drives and how comfortable we were.

We made it into Kingston and over to the Island on the first ferry from landing at the dock. Surprisingly, everything about the drive with the bigger rig was easy even down to unloading and getting the trailer into the weekend spot. We ran into the friends we've made that have been going to the festival as long if not longer than us who have their trailer set up in the same spot. And even though we were fully prepared to camp off the gird, they had brought their generator again which meant we didn't have to go without one single amenity.

And shortly after we were set up, our friend Dawn showed up as she was spending the weekend with us at this amazing festival. Emelia even graciously offered up her bottom bunk so that Dawn would have to climb up to the top bunk for the night. Once we got some dinner, we were off to enjoy the music at the main stage. The Friday night lineup was a lot of fun, and we all had a great time. By the time the main stage show wrapped up, we headed over the trailer with thoughts that Emelia & Danielle would hang back so Danielle could get her bed. And then, Dawn and I would head over to see one of the bands I was excited to see. However, minutes after getting a text from my friend Jim who was spending the weekend just east of us and told us about the rain they had just gotten, the skies opened up and dumped what felt like all of Lake Ontario's water on us. The plans moved to staying inside the trailer and going to bed.

The next day was much better weather and a wonderful slow place. We spent most of the day back and forth from the trailer and the main stage, and running into friends. It was the perfect mix of all the things we love, all in a place that became the namesake for both of the trailers we've owned. We had blue skies and sun all day long and the temperatures were just right — not too hot or too cold. And before we knew it, we were all yawning and heading back to the trailer to pack it in on another amazing festival day.

This morning we were up early and on the ferry in record time. So fast that we actually didn't have time to make it to one of our yearly traditions: breakfast at the W.I.P.P. — a food joint on the main drag of Marysville on Wolfe Island. We met up with Dawn on the Kingston side and found a place to breakfast and then we're off in our different directions. She back to Toronto and, us making the short hour and a half drive over to Bon Echo, where we are right now, set up and enjoying a night with our camping friends The Jornitz's.

It's been a perfect vacation so far, and the best news is, it's only just begun. We have a week more at this idealic place and many more memories to create. Couldn't be happier right now!

She said

John summed up the week perfectly. It was go-go-go all week. Once we got off our enjoyment of the holiday Monday together the rest of the week was constant activity. I was busy organizing and packing for our week, busy making lots of calls assure we had everything in order with insurance, the bank and the dealership to pick things up on Wednesday. It felt like we were being pulled from all ends. Now this is an amazing problem to have so we aren't complaining but it did mean by week end we were more than ready for our holidays to begin.

As we have done in some past years we booked the Friday off work so we could head to start our August week off heading to Wolfe Island. The island has become a special place for us as a family and once again it was our special place because we got to spend the weekend again with Dawn. I love that this has become an annual event not only for our family but that this includes Dawn in our travels.

We happily made it down and got the first ferry across, instantly we felt the relaxation kick in the second the ferry left the dock. This festival has become central to our family summer memories. The weekend was incredible, in spite the insane storm on Friday night the weekend was perfect. We laughed off the muddy shoes and just took in the incredible music and time with friends we meet up with every year.

This morning we were able to make a quick take down of the camp site because with the new trailer we are able to do so much take down the night before. We had things almost done and this gave us time to sleep in a bit more. We quickly got dressed, hooked up and on our way. We normally get ourselves in line for the ferry and head over to our favourite breakfast place while we wait for the ferry. When we arrived we were deep in the long line. So Emelia and I walked to the restaurant to get a table while John and Dawn waited to advance in line for the ferry. The plan was as soon as they moved forward they would join us and have a quick breakfast while we waited. So Emelia and I sat down, I got a coffee and Emelia got her milk. The car started moving and fast, before we knew it Emelia spotted our trailer driving past. I quickly told the waitress I needed to pay ASAP for our drinks and RUN. We made it in time and we all got on that very first ferry. Happily in the ferry but still hungry we quickly moved to figuring out where we would get food. We settled on Denny's near the highway that was close to a grocery store so we could do some last minute re-stock of food. With our belly's filled we had to say our sad good-byes to Dawn and get on our way.

We were then on our way to our favourite campingground. Off to Bon Echo for our annual camping trip with our camping besties the Jornitz family! Emelia could barely contain her excitement. We have arrived and are happily settled in our campsite. The whole week is ahead of us and we cannot wait! The campfire is calling and I am off for another week!

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