The perfect kind of weekend.

I got to see Cirque du Soleil OVO this weekend and it was amazing!

He said

What a fantastic weekend! The whole week was focused around this weekend and a camping outing again in Wolfie. Our trip last month was to The Pinery to kick off our camping season and work out the kinks in our routine. When we realized we had another weekend where we could take advantage of the Pinery’s close locale, we hopped at the booking and even added a whole day for me to head up early to get camp set up and enjoy the solitude you get from a night before the weekend proper. And with it only being a 45 minute drive from campsite to our house, it made it a no brainer as it was easy to slip back to town on Friday to get the girls and head back to the site for the weekend.

Thursday I got up when my body decided it was time, and I took a non-hurried pace to getting ready to head out. It was nice to not feel rushed and to know that the drive up would be short, and not littered with other traffic. Danielle helped me get Wolfie loaded and soon enough I was on my way. One thing I have realized in the last few trips is I have really come to enjoy setting up camp on my own. In fact, I’ve realized I become quite good at it actually. And in think the reason I derive this joy from setting up the site is that I know when I go to get the girls, when I bring them back to the site all that is left to do is to kick back and enjoy a weekend together in our favourite thing to do together: camp.

By dinner time I was all set up and ready to just kick back. The campground was quiet as it seemed like aside from one other group, there was no one else in our specific campground for the night. I had dinner, settled in to a campfire and had a couple of FaceTime chats with my ladies. It was so nice to have so much fresh air and quiet, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t missing my girls. I have learned as much as camping and being outdoors is in my DNA, the part that I have come to adore is the moments we create as a family and stories that will become part of who Emelia grows to be, much like my memories of time in tents and the outdoors spent with my father.

Thursday night, I was in bed and out like a light in the silent campground by 11pm. And for the first – in a very long time – I slept straight through to 9am in the morning! All the fresh air and silence seemed to be conducive to getting a great rest. I woke up to the sound of birds chirping away and the sun beating down through the trees. I enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee while sitting outside listening the CBC Radio without the thought of having to do anything other than kick back and enjoy this moment. For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, I enjoyed this vantage point while I watched the campground fill with people excitedly setting up their weekend stake like I had the day before.

Then soon enough, shortly after our friends Kelli & Bill and their kids arrived, I was off back to London to pick up Emelia and Danielle and spring them back to the campsite and our weekend abode. The trip in to town and back was quick and painless and before we knew it,  we were all back at the site ready to dig in to a weekend of camping. The nice thing was, this weekend would include friends at the site next to us which meant all the more fun for us to have. After we had dinner, we snuck down to the beach and took in the beautiful sunset while the kids learned and perfected how to skip rocks. It was the perfect kind of moment that I think that both Danielle and I envisioned when we added Wolfie the trailer into our lives four years ago.

The rest of the weekend was much the same, interspersed with dodging severe thunderstorms and even a tornado that was spotted about half way between London and the campground. But the highlight of the weekend was definitely the trip back into London to see OVO – the new Cirque de Soleil show thanks to tickets from my Mom & Dad. I think the entire show we all sat with our mouths agape – blown away by the prowess of the talented cast. And the seats could only have been closer if we were in the show as they were front row. We had the perfect vantage point and even had some of the characters interact with us. Emelia thoroughly loved the show and as we left with her friend Anna who she brought as a guest, the two did not shut up about all they had seen.

This morning was about packing up early for two reasons: 1) we were trying to avoid a couple of heavier rainstorms that were forecasted; and 2) we were headed over to Mom & Dad’s to celebrate a couple of birthdays. But most importantly we were there to celebrate Father’s Day. And when I think about the man and father I have become, and I think about my penchants for the outdoors and nature, I know exactly who I have to blame. If it weren’t for my father I don’t think I would have become half the person I am today, and more important I wouldn’t be proud of the things I stand for. So, thank you dad for teaching me about passion, caring and being someone who is there for the tough stuff, but also there to share in the goofing off. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for being who I try to be, every day.


She said

This week was all about counting down to the weekend. There are moments that bring me absolute joy and camping is one of them. I adore the pace of the moments, the time together with little to no distraction. I find that I put technology aside and barely touch my cellphone to check texts, Facebook or other distractions, for me it is living in the moment of being together as a family.

This weekend was a perfect culmination of what we love to do as a family and it was the perfect way to spend Father’s Day weekend. John had an extra long weekend set up so he headed up Thursday mid-day to spend a nice quiet day and night surrounded by nature. I held down the fort here and made the final preparations for our full camping weekend. The week was full and had lots going on so I was happy to have the weekend finally arrive and head out.

What made this trip extra special is that my best friend Kelli and her family were able to join us. For 5 years Kelli and I have been trying to find a weekend to go camping together. This weekend we were finally able to match our schedules and we made our trek together. After tent camping for years Kelli and Bill finally upgraded to a full sized trailer and it lots of fun to get away together. The kids had lots of fun together and the adults had lots of laughs.

The weekend was a bit broken up but for all the right reasons. For years I have been wanting to go to a Cirque du Soleil show. Well back in January, Helen messaged me to ask if I was interested in seeing the latest tour of the show. It was an easy yes. I knew she got good tickets but was blown away how good they were. We were literally on the floor front row! The show didn’t disappoint, and to make it even sweeter for Emelia (who was in awe the whole show) is that we were able to bring her bestie Anna with us. The ticket package Helen had purchased was a family 4 pack so it gave us an extra ticket. The girls absolutely loved the show and John and I were just blown away! When the show ended we brought Anna home and headed back to camp.

We arrived back at camp just in time for the rain to arrive. We quickly got supper together and settled in for the night. We eventually made our way over to Kelli and Bill’s site, Bill and John sat under the tarp tending to the fire while the kids played cards inside the trailer and Kelli and I chatted away. The rain didn’t stop our amazing night. Like most nights camping the night got away from us and we realized how late it was, we quickly got the kids to bed. John and I stated a fire at our site before crashing ourselves.

The rain kept going on and off throughout the night but we woke in the morning and the rain stopped and let us the morning at a nice lazy pace before packing up and heading home.

We got home, unpacked and shifted focus to spending the rest of the day and evening with John’s family. We spent time celebrating the Father’s in our lives and our nephews 14th birthday. As always with John’s family it was filled with lots of laughs and amazing memories.

Today and this weekend was all about spending time with family, friends and celebrating the amazing fathers I know. I want to close this weeks post off by celebrating my amazing husband John who has always been our daughter’s first hero and biggest champion. I could not have a better partner in this crazy journey of parenting. I love our little life and the family we have created. Happy Father’s Day to the best role model and father I know – we love you so much!






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