Happy 2nd Birthday Wolfie!

imageThis week I got to go to Apple Camp and another trip out in Wolfie, camping at Bon Echo and Wolfe Island!!

He said

Well, here we  are all set up and a full 24 hours into camp mode at the beautiful Bon Echo Provincial Park. To say that we are in our happy place would be the understatement of the year.

The week leading up was an exciting one for Emelia because she was able to participate in her first ever Apple Camp at our store. From Wednesday to Friday this week Emelia was learning all about how to use iMovie and GarageBand on the iPad to make a movie. She was over the moon finally being able to attend – especially since I was able to rearrange my schedule to be there with her. And her movie turned out amazing!

The rest of the week was a mad dash to getting everything ready for the trip. Something that even as we pulled out of the driveway on Saturday morning super early, we stilll weren’t sure we had gotten right.

The trip down was reasonably and delightfully uneventful. We decided to take the 407 Express Tolll Route which saved us a bunch of time as  we completely bypassed Toronto traffic. We ended up – even with stops in Peterborough and at The Spud Box (a chip wagon near Kaladar) – getting  to our campsite by 2:30pm.

The setting up however was not anywhere near as efficient. What we can normally do in about 45 minutes flat, took in excess of 2 hours. Probably our worst set up ever. And even though we were interrupted by rain. it still was a tidious and frustrating process.

But eventually it was all done and we were unwinding and enjoying!

Today was a day of enjoying everything we love about this park: getting up when we want, enjoying coffee, eggs and bacon at a leisurely pace, and then enjoying the morning program by the park staff. And then we spent the afternoon swimming in Mazinaw Lake. It was a perfect day of unwinding aftter a more challening one getting here.

Now, as I type this, here we are sitting in the trailer enjoying a drive-in movie of sorts with Emelia sharing with us on her iPad one of her latest favourite movies from the A Night At The Museum trilogy – all of us in a place of tired contentment from a day well spent!

The rest of the week features more of what we have done today on repeat. And the best part is the week ends with us lifitng up camp and moving over to Wolfe Island, to the music festival we all love and the place from where Wolfie got her name!

It’s officially 2 years we have had Wolfie this weekend, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate that than taking her out to the place she got her name!


She said

The week leading to our week off was a busy one for sure. Not only did Emelia have Apple camp this week, John had a stretch of close shifts we also had our family photos done as well as getting all the at we needed to get our camping trip in order.

After our last trip to Bon Echo and the limited supplies I decided I was going to have all the food prepped in advanced and planned to the last ingredient. It made for a lot of work in the week it has been worth all the work. We are all set and organized so I can just sit back and enjoy our week together.

Anyway, back to our week so far. We are back to our favourite park again, and we are having a glorious time. The park is stunning and the weather other than tonight and early tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful. We have a week of family fun ahead of us filled with smores, swimming, music and camping. Pretty well a week of our favourite things.

As I type this we are sitting in the trailer listening to the rain come down outside and watch our little girl drift off to  sleep. We had a full day of hiking, swimming, riding our bikes, time by the fire and basically lots of time as a family.

The rain we are having right now is supposed to go into tomorrow so we have decided to head to Ottawa to show Emelia around the capital and head potentially to the American Girl store as a little surprise. It should be s great day and a good distraction from the night and morning of rain. If the forecast is accurate this should be last of the last of the rain and we should have a week filled with sunshine.

That is it for this week for me, until next week.

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