Happy Halloween!

IMG_9479Friday was Halloween! And this year I went farther and to more houses than I ever have before! I really liked going up to people’s houses and actually talked to them! Mommy & Daddy were surprised.

IMG_9507He said

There is so much that happened in the span of this week that it’s gonna feel like we’re talking about two or three weeks in the post. But, I assure you, it was just one week and we’re definitely feeling the mileage from it!

We continued our hunt for pieces for the front room makeover that we’ve been going at for the last month or so. This week I managed to find a sweet deal on a teak mid century modern chair on Kijiji that works perfectly in the place that we wanted the secondary chair (by the turntable and records). And the price was so good that if we don’t like it when the new couch and chair arrive, and we do manage to find one in the exact style we’re looking for, we’ll happily find another room in the house for this beaut of  chair as it’s a keeper.

IMG_9478We originally thought we might reupholster it to a bright teal pattern or material so that it better suits the style and era look we are going for, but now that we have it and see the amazing job someone has done relatively recently on it, we may leave it this way as long as the colour suits the rest of the room together.

Hawkeye-deal-finder Danielle managed to find the perfect area rug on sale at Target in the perfect pattern. With it being on sale this week only it was another thing we added into the room. We’re now—I think—settled on panel drapes and have been hunting the place we found the amazing fabric for our bedroom. We had some samples arrive later this week and I think we’re pretty close to agreement on the material we want to use. Now, we just need to find out if Danielle’s friend who did such a terrific job of the bedroom panels, is able to do these roman blinds for us.

IMG_9449In the middle of this week I was down to our store in Waterloo at Conestoga Mall for some development discussions for our market. It meant I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get down there in time for the meeting, but it was a great day full of learns and inspiration to bring back to our store. And the best part was my Family Room counterpart and I got to have two, hour–long windshield meetings on the way down and back to discuss strategy—something we don’t get as much time to do at the pace that our store operates. It was a great day with a lot of thinking and discussion—so much so that I arrived home pretty exhausted.

IMG_9456Thursday I was back to work at our store and before I knew it I was at Friday, one of my days off this week. I played my usual Friday morning hockey and then proceeded to spend as much time as I could at home being a sloth. By the time lunch time rolled around I realized I needed to be somewhat productive and got to work finally finishing the custom coat rack Danielle needed for the daycare kids by the front door. And I am happy to report that aside from some black touchup paint to conceal the screws, it is up, done and looks fantastic, if I do say so myself!

IMG_9427And of course as the title alludes to, Halloween also happened this week as well! In fact it was on a Friday night. So Emelia got to really experience to the fullest extent. She’s finally reached the age where she gets “it” and gets (exuberantly so) ready for it all week. The fact that it wasn’t on a school night meant we went longer and farther around the neighbourhood than she ever had. And after that – if that wasn’t enough – we still managed to slip in Trick Or Treats at her Uncle Greg & Aunt Testza’s as well as Poppa & Grandma’s place. She arrived at home well after her bedtime zonked and ready for sleep!

IMG_9434With Halloween put to bed and the month of November upon us it was time to get serious about Wolfie and her hibernation place. With me working on Saturday but off today, plans were hatched to get Wolfie off to her winter abode in storage today. We got up relatively leisurely today and after we were into our second coffee made short work of getting the trailer organized and ready for storage. And by 1:00pm we were at the place saying goodbye to her until we come back to get her in the spring. It felt good to have that taken care of a lot more seamlessly than last year when half of the process I was sorting out over email from California.

We also managed to get our outdoor patio set packed up and stored over at my parents place as well for the winter months, today. And, after that was wrapped up we got in a nice visit with Mom & Dad over dinner. It was the first time I think Danielle and I both felt like we’d stopped moving or didn’t have something to get done in the entire week. The perfect way to wrap up a very busy week.

IMG_9435So, I know I suggested there was a lot we did this week and you probably doubted me, but considering this doesn’t even include Emelia’s regular weekly activities (ballet, rock climbing, swimming and her beloved gymnastics), I think you get the picture—It was a very busy week! I think I’ll go find a glass of wine, the old crappy couch, Danielle, and some boobtube to watch, thank you very much.


IMG_9457She said

As John suggested it was another busy week. It was busy by productive and filled with lots of fun activities.

IMG_9459Earlier in the week I had been at the mall with Emelia and was in Target and that is when I came upon some things that I thought would work for the living room, mainly a great area rug and best part it was at a great price. As you can imagine even with bargain hunting all these little things for the living room are starting to add up. We need just about everything. The wall unit was given a much needed update last week with all the new cupboards and drawers, that was a bill to Ikea. We found the perfect rug, another bill this time to Target. We needed to order fabric samples for the living room, another bill to Tonic Living. Found the perfect chair at an insane price on Kijiji but again more money out. All we are finding has been on incredible sales but it adds up. We are being mindful of the costs and making choices that way. The chair for the living room that John found on Kijiji is a prime example. The fabric is not my first choice in fabric colour – I really wanted turquoise or teal as a pop of colour in a room of all grey but the fabric is in perfect shape, is still in the midcentury colours and we are thinking now a fun throw pillow can be the perfect accent.

IMG_9464So with a colourful rug chosen, colourful but complimenting curtain fabric chosen we are well on our way. We still need tables, art and throw cushions but we are making some great progress. I am hoping our upcoming trip to Toronto might be where we find some of the extras we are seeking.

But the living room was only a small part of our week, after all it was Halloween. Emelia is at the age where she is REALLY getting into halloween. On Wednesday we went out to our favourite place to get pumpkins, Thursday we carved our pumpkins and I made 2 dozen Halloween cupcakes for her class party and then Friday was the big show. Thankfully Emelia’s school has a big tradition when it comes to Halloween celebrations and they really get into it there. There is a haunted house, dance and party in each of the classrooms after the big neighbourhood parade. So needless to say when I went to go pick up Emelia at the end of the day she was BOUNCING off the walls and so were all her friends. When we got home I had equally hyper daycare children, it was a long hour and a half I tell you. I finally got Emelia set in her room playing and activities for the younger children and we finished our day out.

IMG_9466Once the daycare children were gone home and dinner was done it was a matter of waiting for Emelia’s best friends to arrive and we were off. Anna and Grace arrived just ahead of 6:30 and the girls were off. They could not get from door to door fast enough. Although still drizzling and chilly it was a massive improvement over the horrible weather of last year. So with this the girls kept going and going. We covered more area this year than ever and the haul of candy will last us a year. After almost 2 hours we persuaded the girls to say good-bye and we made our trek over to see the family as we always do. Emelia was beat by the time we got back in the car and quickly fell asleep on our way home.

IMG_9468You would think this would mean Emelia would sleep in the next day, hells nope – up at 7:00 bang on and tired. But she was a trooper and made it through her swim and gymnastics class before we had to get our usual errands done.

Another thing on my agenda this week was to start picking up things for my sister’s soon to be baby. Yes, I have not said anything so far (respecting their privacy) but I am going to be an aunt next month and we could not be happier. I am over the moon excited for my sister and Todd so shopping has begun. My sister has received sooooooo many things that they are well set for the baby so I asked her for the must-haves she didn’t have yet. I wanted to make sure what I got her is what she wanted, what she needed and was not going to be another thing that would be cluttering her apartment. So I went out Saturday with Emelia and we picked up two of our big ticket items and are still adding. We are going to see them in 2 weeks and cannot wait to have our fake baby shower brunch with them and to see her once more before the baby is born.

IMG_9473This week I was pretty exhausted, the daycare kids have me hopping from the time they arrive until they leave, I am getting up earlier and earlier in the morning to get everything ready for the day and to give myself even 10 minutes to myself. This change has made a big difference in my sanity. Having a bit of time when I am not being pulled in a thousand directions has me much more relaxed to start the day. Now that doesn’t take in account that in this hour I am unloading the dishwasher, making lunches and prepping for the day but I do get to finish the end of that manic rush drinking a hot coffee in silence in the living room. Now this week coming up I am going to be throwing in a wrench into this morning routine and getting up even earlier and trying to hit the gym when it opens then coming home to my morning routine. I am hoping that getting back into my 4-5 days a week at the gym will get my body back to the energy it had a few months ago. It will be an adjustment but I know I won’t regret it once I get in the groove.

Speaking of an early morning, it is almost 9 and John and I are going to relax together, get a few morning ‘to do’ items done tonight and get to bed early.


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