Good luck Poppa!

We had our school May Fair this week and I had so much fun! I even won a gift basket full of fun games from the raffle. I didn’t win the hair accessories gift basket that I wanted, but I decided (eventually) that this one was okay too.

He Said

So, the day we’ve all been anxiously waiting has arrived. Last week, we found out Dad has his surgery date. Tomorrow morning he is to be at University Hospital admitting at 6am, and by 8am, he is scheduled to be under the knife. We’re not sure how long the surgery should take, but Matthew who is taking Mom & Dad and keeping Mom company during the day, will be keeping us all posted.

It will be hard to be at work, but in some ways maybe better to take my mind off things. I am hoping that by tomorrow after work, Danielle, Emelia and I can sneak up and see Dad for visiting hours.

I am off Tuesday and Wednesday, and will be helping Mom get to and from appointments as well as visiting Dad as he recovers. If all goes well, they figure he might be home in a week. We spent last night over at their place, helping Mom prepare the guest bedroom for Dad’s recovery.

It’s been busy enough at work that since we found out his date and time on Wednesday I haven’t had much time to dwell on it. Dad says the surgeon is quite confident with the procedure they’ll be doing, and he’ll be under no more risk than any other surgery, but still I will feel much more relieved when we get the all clear message from Matthew.

As for work, the last week we had in 5 kindergarten classrooms – one each morning – for  Field Trips. I actually headed up and organized the team. Three of the five days I spent two hours of the morning making a Super Hero movie trailer with iPads and iMovie. It was a lot of fun, and like I mentioned a necessary diversion. We have one more class coming in on June 14th, and by all accounts so far the teachers and children were thoroughly impressed with their day. We even had a kid come in to the store today, to show his parents where he came this week for the Field Trip to make his movie!

The only other thing I’ve managed to get to this week was finally sorting through and combining the photos from Danielle and my iPhones. There ended up being about 830 total, which I am still trying to figure out the gentlest way to share with friends and family. I think what most likely will end up is we will make an album for each day of the vacation. Because then we can share the links in here as we recount the trip that way. The big thing is, it felt good to finally get all the photos organized into one place.

So that was pretty much my week. I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks because next weekend we’re all going to the Arts & Crafts Field Trip concert on Saturday. Then, the week after Emelia has her kindergarten graduation, and I am making a return to the North by Northeast Music Festival. I missed last year but had been the last two years prior. It’s a lot of music. A lot of friends. And a lot of fun.

So let’s hope all goes well tomorrow, so we can get on to the fun stuff!


She Said.

The date we have been waiting for is finally almost here. And although not exciting it is much anticipated because once Doug comes through the surgery tomorrow we know he is in much better health and we don’t have this constant worry knowing how bad the blockages are in his heart. I am not sure how much sleep we all will get tonight but I know we will all sleep better in the weeks to come being on the other side of this.

This week was the first full week back to the grind after the heavenly vacation. I am still dreaming of where we were this time two weeks ago and dream of one day returning. I keep thinking and wishing for times back on the cruise, the parks and times together as a family. Back to the day to day you realize more and more how precious the times together are with your family and realize those moments are now memories.

This week did go by pretty quickly, as always the children kept me on my toes and Emelia with school and her much anticipated May Fair kept our minds on more fun activities and not the worry over Doug’s surgery.

The big highlight for the week was the May Fair. It is the big annual fundraiser they have at Emelia’s school. It is a huge fair including a BBQ, face painting, bouncy castles, inflatable slides, an obstacle course, animal exhibits, ice cream and lots more to keep all the kids busy for the three hours.

Emelia had a ball, she played with all her friends, making our way around almost all the areas and having turns with all her closest friends. It was a great and exhausting night for all of us. Although reluctant to leave we made our way home after Emelia’s bedtime and she finally fell asleep and John and I felt like we were not going to be long behind.

We wrapped the week up with a night out as adults. With the family vacation and our lives in general lately there had not been much chance for John and I to have time as well adults, not as parents but two people out without having a child in tow. Friday night was the perfect remedy for that.

With Doug’s surgery and long recovery coming up, we asked Helen and Doug if they would like a sleepover with Emelia one more time before Monday’s operation. There was a quick ‘yes’ and this gave John and I a night together with friends. It was a perfect escape from parenthood. A night out with amazing friends. We met up with Derek, Lizz and Alyson at the Old South Pub for grub, drinks and lots of laughs.

After we wrapped up, John and I stopped and grabbed a bottle of wine and came home and enjoyed a night with just the two of us. Even though John had to work the next day it was nice to wake in the morning at our pace and taking it a bit slower. Having a hot coffee and relaxing before John had to rush off to work.

It was a great week, next week will be a long and stressful one. We hope that this time tomorrow we have had a chance to visit with Doug on the road to recovery.

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