The best kind of vacation!

I was so happy to see my cousin Marshall and my Aunt Charlie!

He said

First off, what an absolute blast of a week! It was our last week of summer break from school for Emelia. When, we heard friends of ours would be spending the week at Auburn we decided that we would take our last week of summer vacation at the same time. Last weekend, we obviously reported all the fun we had already had, but the most delightful part of it was that we still the full week at the trailer! I didn’t have to be back to work until Saturday near noon and Danielle didn’t really need to be back home until today.

My favourite part of the week was that there was no real schedule to be adhered to. Obviously I want to get out on my bike daily, but that could be when ever it fit into the day. Some days that was around noon or later, some days that was earlier to take advantage of other activities we wanted to do. And the best part was a couple of those rides Danielle got out with me too! I love that the trail is so close to the trailer and and offers such amazing nature to take in along the 26km out & back route that has become daily.

Tuesday, with Danielle & Emelia needing to head back into London for an appointment and Cheer practice, I used the afternoon to get the final piece of work done on our beloved “Sanford And Son Chic” outdoor kitchen which was to add a section of eavestrough to the roof that I had added on earlier this year. The roof worked so good at protecting the outdoor fridge and cooking area, that it was putting water into to the bin that we use for garbage, empties and recycling. After a trip to Home Hardware in Blyth (and of course to Cowbell for liquid refreshments), I was in construction mode. Though, thankfully this was a quick, easy job. And, in no time I was enjoying the liquid refreshment.

Wednesday, our friends Danielle, Greg and their daughter Kathleen who Emelia & Olivia met through gymnastics were going to Inglis Falls near Owen Sound and invited us to tag along so naturally we joined. It was a bit of a drive in the car, but the payoff was so worth it. Not only were the falls themselves stunning and worth the drive the 3km of hiking trail around the conservation area was amazing—our lungs were filled with fresh air and our heads with wonderful sights and memories. We had a such a blast that day and were back to enjoying some drinks and laughs around the fire pit by the evening.

My vacation ended officially on Saturday but I was so happy that with the hour trip only to London, and a closing shift at the store, I was able to stay Friday night and visit with Danielle’s sister Chantelle and our nephew Marshall before needing make my way back to London by the early morning. Of course I would have loved to take full advantage of staying there for the weekend, but I also fell like I had a full, event-filled week that was recharging and I was ready to be back. And that is the way I always know I had the best kind of vacation!

She said

This was the most amazing and fun-filled week of the summer. We had so many adventures, time with family and friends. A few months ago my friend Danielle messaged me that she, her husband and one of Emelia’s close friends Kathleen were coming up for the last week of the summer. They had rented the trailer in the past but this time decided to rent one of the cottages at the trailer park. The timing was perfect since we had that week booked off as well.

The entire week was just amazing, Emelia had lots of fun with her friends Olivia and Kathleen and later in the week joined by Olivia’s boyfriend Hunter. The kids had an absolute blast with all the activities around the park. With COVID restrictions lifted this summer there have been a ton of activities this summer and our kids enjoyed all of them. The kids had all the freedom they wanted to explore and make the most memorable summer memories.

An incredible bonus for our week away came via text from my sister a couple weeks ago, she and Marshall had a free weekend and they were going to join us for a few days. The timing could not have been more perfect. The campground had a jam packed weekend to keep the kids entertained. Between activities and hot weather the kids made filled their day between the pool, the bouncy pillow, playground, hiking, axe throwing and wrapped the night up with a glow dance party. Needless to say the kids had an absolute blast.

The last week of the summer was just about perfection one we won’t soon forget!

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