Movin’ On Up!

It was a tough week: I had all 3 sports, my job and school—it was a lot!

He said

In the midst of all that was going on two weeks ago with Dad’s passing we got a message from Auburn that there was a site available up on the hill in the seasonal-only area that we could have if we were still interested.

Wait, what?!?

About year ago we put our names on the wait list for a site up (if one became available) on the hill that has full hookups. We knew we were getting to a place where we were content to leave our trailer through the winter but our site, is on the flood plain so it would have to be moved every fall ‘up the hill’. We were wanting something more ‘static’ if we were going to leave it there next winter. We also knew that up on the hill was very desirable and people stay there long term which is why we threw our names in so early.

As much as we LOVED that site on the river, and have had an amazing four years there, up on the hill would give us so much more. We’re closer to the elk, we can leave it on-site year-round, AND we have full hookups! Plus there is an added hill climb to the end of my bike rides here! But very quickly amidst all that needed be taken care of with Dad we now needed to map out getting the trailer up to Auburn and moved onto our new site. That meant getting the trailer out of storage and up to Auburn and then everything that was on site 218, moved up to our new digs up on Snob Hill.

But all this was complicated as the previous resident of the site still had their trailer (which they had sold) on the site. And, because it was a park model and needed a company to come move it out before we could land on our new site. That was set to happen Monday this week, so we decided to use Sunday to get the trailer out of storage and up to Auburn and spend one last night on our old site. The kicker to it all is that it was probably my best trailer-land in all 4 years of being on that site—and it would be short lived as the next day the trailer would go out and up the hill.

Early the next morning Donnie let us know the trailer was gone and we could begin what would become a very busy Monday (and then Tuesday) getting the trailer landed, all of the stuff off our old site and up on the new site up the hill. It was a very busy but rewarding Monday and Tuesday before we left later afternoon with site 218 emptied of all of our stuff and site 57 with the Teeter presence fully on board. As much as we would love to have the time to keep the work going, we needed to back in London, as Danielle had to work and I needed to help Mom sift through the mountain of things that needed to be settled for Dad (along with Matthew & Shawn’s help).

Today we got back up to the trailer for the day to bring some more stuff up and settle the site even more. We got the lights hung and the patio set up and by the time we left this afternoon it looked close to ready for the season. Sure, there’s still a few things to do, but for the most part it is camp-ready! Which is great because we’re coming up to the May 2-4 long weekend, we had long ago planned some extra time off work to spend a little bit of a longer stay at the trailer. So Wednesday after Danielle is done work, we will head up to the trailer and spend from then until Victoria Day Monday there enjoying this. I am so ready for this—given the last 5 months our family has had, we really need this time!

She said

This was yet another very busy week. As John mentioned we got a very last minute message from our trailer park in the midst of being in the ICU that our name was at the top of the waitlist for a hill spot. Also as John mentioned we had thrown our name on the wait list for the much sought after area with the hope that we could finally have full hook-ups and a bit more of the provincial park feel we had been really missing. It was a hard decision because we did love our old site but it was time for a change. And honestly the timing could not have been better. We needed a big change after the last year we have had. The move was a lot of work, two solid days of work to relocate 4 years of camping from one site to the other. It gave us a chance to do a bit more purging and reorganizing. After two days of a lot of work and the incredible support of Donny the park manager we were settled in our new site. John and I made a quick trip up today to move up more of the big items we were adding for the new site and to get our outdoor lights up and do a full yard clean up. John and I will head up again on Wednesday night and do the next big project and my Mother’s Day gift, the new garden on the new site. The site needs a garden and we have it all planned out to start stage one. We hope that by the end of Thursday we will have a fully transformed site.

The rest of the week wasn’t any quieter. Emelia was back to back to back sports all week. Monday she had a rugby game, Tuesday was a full day rugby tournament (which she brought home the prize of a bad sunburn), she was supposed to have softball practice Tuesday night but we opted to pass on that, Wednesday she had cheer training assessment for next years team placement. Thursday was a softball practice and to close out the week she had a rugby practice Friday after school. Oh and to add into that mix she had a fair bit of project work and tests to catch up on from her week off around Doug’s death. It was a busy busy week. I would like to say for Emelia that was the end of the craziness but it wasn’t.

Saturday turned out to be another full day for Emelia and I. In the morning while John was off for a long ride with a friend she and I got ready for the year end banquet for cheer. It was an emotional event as most of Emelia’s friends are leaving cheer for post secondary education. Some of these girls have been in cheer since the day the gym opened. We even found out that Emelia’s coach of the last 4 years will not be coaching a team again, she has decided to scale way back at the gym and said she will do private lessons only. Emelia will miss her coach and her friends but she is getting excited already what next season will look like. We had an amazing morning, celebrating all the athletes and saying good-bye to so many amazing friends.

Saturday night Emelia was off to a friends birthday for the night that followed up with her two close friends Belle and Bri crashing at our place last night. The girls were giggling until the wee hours and having the bet time. Today we all were up early for teenagers and we were off to start our day. Since Emelia had plans later in the day John and I opted to head up to the trailer do work after having a quick visit with Helen. After few hours we were back home, picking Emelia up and heading back to Helen’s so Emelia could spend time with her grandma on Mother’s Day. So needless to say we have had another insanely busy week. We are hoping that this coming week will bring some much needed decompress time. Emelia and some of her girls are hoping to come up next week so we can spend lots of time at the trailer!

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