Happy Easter!

It’s been a fun and busy week. I have been getting ready for the rugby season all week. This weekend was all about my friends and my family!

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After a nice surprise of snow on the first day of Spring this week, and then some colder days a lot of my biking went to the basement. But, as the week progressed the temps returned to give me the opportunity to get back outside which has been so good for my lungs and my mental health. Last weekend was heavy and much of this week was in processing a lot of memories and thoughts of my brother Greg. As much as a lot of it was happy and with laughter, there still is the pain of the missing him. That’s why it was so good to be able to get back outside on the saddle and able to ride somewhere and have that time to think.

But, the best part was this week was Easter weekend which meant that Danielle & I would have days off together. While I did work Saturday, we both had Friday & Sunday off work together. This meant with the nicer weather, Danielle was also chomping at the bit to go for a ride with me. Thursday after work, with the weather so nice she asked if I wanted to go for a second ride of the day after she was home from work and I didn’t think twice. Friday we went for a longer ride as we both didn’t have to work, and then we did again this morning. Over the last three days we’ve rode a total of 106km together. The most surprising part of that was after our ride incident Thursday I would have thought there wouldn’t be much more riding.

More on that…  When, we got home from the ride Thursday evening in the driveway, Danielle’s bar mitt got tangled with the manual throttle on her eBike and it sent her ass over tea kettle on the driveway concrete, elbow first! After we painfully got her untangled from the bike and into the house we noticed blood on the elbow of her sweatshirt. At first, we were pretty sure she had broken a bone for the amount to pain she was feeling. But, the split skin and blood was no surprise. Thankfully, after some examination (she could move her arm, weight-bear and move all of her fingers) we presumed she likely had not broken anything. And the broken skin was actually small cut that wouldn’t need a stitch. So, the evening called for ice packs, ibuprofen and taking it super easy. By Friday, we were certain she was okay, aside from being very tender. But. She was okay to and wanted to go for another bike ride that day!

What we didn’t share last week was that last Saturday we took Emelia to Spring Open House at Kings University College so she could explore the potential program she was wanting to take: Childhood and Youth Studies. And, the time we spent there, really cemented Emelia’s thoughts – so much so – that she doesn’t want to apply to any other school and program. And quite honestly, it couldn’t be a better program or school for her to choose. While affiliated to Western and ultimately considered a Western degree, the school and program at Kings is much smaller and will give her the perfect mix of challenge and supports. We’re so excited to see her take on the focus and push herself along in her learning. We’re still over year away from her going but, I love how much better she is at planning than I—she’s very much her mother’s child.

Lastly today was about being together with family. Testza wanted to have us over Easter–those that can make it. Unfortunately with Mom & Dad’s mobility the house layout would be impossible for them to be there. But we have a bunch of food bundled up for them that will deliver tomorrow to them. And sadly, Shawn & Matthew both had some sort of bug and didn’t want to risk get anyone else sick so they didn’t make it. But, David & Andrew made it down from Welland, and along with Emelia, Danielle and myself, we spent a perfect afternoon in each other’s company with a potluck Easter dinner. It was perfect and I could tell what we all needed after the emotions from last week.

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After what has been a very stressful few weeks personally and for me at work this long weekend was perfectly timed. The last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster. With Greg’s celebration of life last week we were happy to see so many friends and family but have heavy hearts for the reason we all came together. The entire day was filled with family, friends and music. It could not have been a better tribute to the best big brother. I want to also say a personal thank you for those who have been there for us though this brutal year, for those who reached out all the time, for those who emotionally supported our whole family, thank you. Emelia’s close girlfriends have been so incredible for her, giving her all the love and support she needed desperately this past few month. To my friends, Komal, Maria, Norma, Kelli, Lauren, Whitney, Sarah and Courtney you were all there for me along with my incredible co-workers who were a shoulder to cry on when I needed it! Thank you all, I love you all.

Back to the rest of our life. Most importantly Emelia’s planning for the next stage of her life. Emelia has been laser focused on one program for the last year or more. She has known for a long time all she wants to do professionally is to work with kids. Either as a teacher or therpist. Emelia in her life has had some life-changing teachers guide her in her life not only in her education but emotionally guiding to be the person she is today. Along with her teachers she has had an incredible therapist who has brought her out of a dark place and given her a voice when she didn’t think she had one. Those important adults along with her family have shaped who she is. And she wants to do that for other children. So with this focus and having the advantage of working at the university I found out from one of my co-workers the perfect program and affiliate college to Western that has been the right match for Emelia.

Last Saturday Emelia, John and I went to King’s University College. It is a smaller affiliate college of Western University. The program, class sizes, relationships with her professors and the very specialized program is perfect for the way Emelia learns. The extra bonus of the school being a 10 minute walk allowing Emelia to save thousands of dollars and stay at home certainly helps with the appeal for her and us. She was able find a couple other complimentary programs she can also apply for but her drive it so ensure her grades allow her to get into the Childhood and Youth Studies program. And when Emelia is determined she has the incredible drive to reach those goals.

Work lately has been so stressful so this weekend having three days off and two with John was exactly what we all needed. The added bonus of having little on the agenda allowed us to spend time together as a family. John and I got out for a few long rides over the last 4 days and the long rides was the mental health support I certainly needed. Emelia little miss social was home for some of the weekend but was of course off with her girls for much of the weekend. Her and her large group of friends are all together tonight all planning out their summer bucket list. The girls as with last summer have big plans and are hoping again for another summer to remember. It is hard to believe this is Emelia’s last summer leading into her last year in high school. Emelia has come so far into her own in high school. She never saw herself as leader but here she is taking leads in school events, making tons of friends and being invited to all the high school parties. So far gone is our anxiety filled introverted girl, her future is bright and limited by no one!

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