Celebrating Greg…

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Today was a day that we were both looking forward to and not looking forward to—all in the same breath. Three and a half months ago we unfortunately lost my brother Greg after a tough but courageous battle with cancer. At the time, raw from that and wanting to make the most of his favourite time of year, Christmas, the decision was made to have a Celebration of Life at a later date after some healing had happened. Also, like I Greg never wanted any sort of formal funeral type event. So, we knew that there would be some sort of bringing people together in order to connect and celebrate a truly remarkable human who I was fortunate enough to not only have as a brother but also call my best friend… the best man at our wedding!

People came from far and wide to get there today: friends from our home town; family; people we knew when we were kids; and, people who knew him as an adult. His two absolute best friends growing up that he started bands with were there. Shit, someone drove from Sault Ste. Marie just to be there! Literally his world came to connect. Greg would have hated that a hullabaloo was being made about him, but it t was perfect for all of us feeling the crater in our collective universe.

I still miss him like crazy. There are two text threads that we kept going the last couple of tougher years that I can’t bring myself to go look at, but are comforting to know they are there: one in Messages; and, one in Instagram. Today was about giving us all that comfort like he was still here. I hate that he isn’t, but love that the people around him won’t let him go away.

Thank you to everyone who was there today. Those that couldn’t be but wanted to. And for Testza for making sure it happened how WE needed it.

That’s all we have for the blog this week. I hope you can appreciate it was a lot today for us. A lot of good. But, also just a lot of emotion too. We’re still processing. But, we’re happy that we were fortunate enough have been part of his orbit—his amazing and far reaching orbits.

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